Freestone LMS

Freestone Lite LMSFreestone is the true differentiator for Peach. No other services company can offer the powerful technology available in Freestone, and no other technology company offers the customizations available because of our service model.

Branded Learning Center

Your learning center is the site your members, customers, and learners will use to access your content.  Organize content by categories, practice area, or even custom channels using our powerful content management functionality. Every learning center includes full SSL secure mode, content search features, end-user account management tools and more.

Social Learning Dashboard

The home page of your learning center can be much more than a list of courses with our Social Learning Dashboard widgets. These widgets allow you to include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, outside blogs, any RSS content, external event calendars, and much more on your learning center landing page.

Continuing Education Module

With the Freestone Continuing Education module, you can track reporting organizations, credit hour types and values, associate them with course, request license numbers from users, run custom reports on course completions, deliver PDF and e-mail completion certificates, and more.

Registration and E-Commerce Module

Since most Peach clients are using Freestone™ and Freestone Lite™ to generate revenue, secure payment processing is baked in to the platform.   The platform accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  Full Freestone™ partners also have the option to accept checks through Peach New Media if your customers prefer check or PO-based payments.

Self-Management Control Panel

Using the Freestone Control Panel, content providers can manage many portions of their learning center independently. This includes creating courses, uploading video content, speaker materials, audio files, or any other media content related to your courses.   The control panel also allows for reporting, both standard and custom.

Standard and Custom Reporting Package

Every client receives a standard set of reporting tools for learner activity, registrations, marketing effectiveness, and more; but additionally, Peach clients can request any custom reports under the sun and we will add them to your control panel for no additional charge.

On-Demand Streaming Video Player

Your streaming content is all delivered in the flexible streaming media player powered by Freestone™. With user-resizable videos that keep ratios correct, full screen viewing options, customizable tabs, external content options, the interface is designed to be user-centric, intuitive and a little bit sexy. Based on your continuing education needs, the player can also manage Attendance Verification pop-ups, learner progress tracking, attendance codes, and other credit-based tracking needs.

Quizzing Module

Whether you need quizzes for mandatory CE credit regulations or you simply want to guage the effectiveness of your courses, our powerful quizzing module in Freestone gives you controls over quizzes. Quizzes are placed at the end of courses, can have minimum passing scores, multiple choice answers, evaluative feedback, or open-ended text answers. All quizzes are automatically graded and you can opt for user-data to be stored or discarded upon submission.

Marketing Toolkit

When you put content online with Freestone, and your intent is to make money, we make sure you have the tools that any marketing professional would offer. Promo codes are our Freestone’s way of tracking the effectiveness of your promotions. You can simply add a promo-code to the end of any URL you promote in the system and this data is automatically stored with customer orders.  Promo codes can also be used for affiliate marketing/tracking, and special promotions as well.   Additionally included in the Marketing Toolkit is our Coupon Code functionality. Offer widely available or strictly controlled discounts on your courses.

SCORM Courses

Using the Freestone SCORM module, you can publish courses from Articulate or any other eLearning authoring tool to your Freestone Learning center right alongside your webinars, webcasts, online CE courses. These self-paced courses can include every bit of advanced instruction built into the SCORM standard.  Not sure what SCORM is, check out this site.

Knowledge Community Module

Knowledge Communities are powerful tools for engaging your audience. Keep them involved in your learning center by making the learning center their source to connect, research, and collaborate with other professionals. Much more about knowledge communities here.

Virtual Study Groups

VSG’s in Freestone create small, community driven courses that integrate all types of media into your teaching possibilities.  Offering assignemnts, live courses, on-demand reference materials, quizzing, and certificates. VSGs bring true blended learning to your audience in a pre-defined format where you can fill in the blanks. Much more about Virtual Study Groups here.

Podcast Distribution Module

Using Freestone to distribute podcasts allows you to self-publish podcasts or use our production team to record, edit, and produce them. Podcasts can be played on the page in a list of episodes, can be downloaded to a users desktop, or can even be sold as MP3 downloads attached to a course with a price tag. More about podcasts here.

Live Web Event Distribution System

Live webcasts, live webinars, and live rebroadcasts are the most attractive method to most continuing education providers to reach their audience. The Freestone web events distribution system handles webinars delivered in Microsoft Live Meeting, Webcasts Delivered through our Live Streaming Media player, synchronized powerpoint slides, interactive Q&A, Outlook calendar integration, automated reminders, and even end-user support ticket functionality that connects your web event viewers with our support team.   The Freestone Live Event Distribution system also operates well with out-of-the-box-products such as the Accordent Capture Station.

Learner Subscription Module

If you are selling content to large organizations or corporations, giving them the ability to purchase access in bulk could be a big impact on your bottom line. With the Freestone Learner Subscription module, you can sell Individual Subscriptions (example: A 5 credit-pack that can be used at an individuals pace for your webcasts or webinars) or Organizational Subscriptions (example: sell a 1,000 pack of CLE credit hours to a law firm, then let the law firm assign accounts allowed to use them).

For more details about any of these modules or Freestone functionality, reach out to a PNM Account Executive today.

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