Live Webcasting to Mobile Devices to Extend Reach of Online Learning

Mobile webcasting released for associations, conference planners, and educators

March 23, 2011


Today Peach New Media (PNM) announced that its live video webcasting service will soon reach viewers on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.   The Webcast to Mobile feature of the company’s content distribution platform, Freestone™, is now in private beta and will be released throughout second quarter. The release will first be available to existing Peach clients, then to new clients.

Webcast viewers on the iPad or iPad2 will see split-screen interface with synchronized PowerPoint slides, resizable streaming video, or full-screen video. Additional interface features such as attendance verification, pop-up announcements, and supplemental materials will also be available for iPad viewers.

On iPhone and Android phone devices, streaming video automatically plays in full-screen mode. Streaming video to these mobile devices can be broadcast live in real-time or can be stored online and viewable as on-demand archives.

“It’s an exciting time for Peach and our clients,” said PNM Co-Founder, Johnson Cook, “with the ability to reach millions of mobile devices with real-time video content, our clients are now able to engage learners on a totally new level. Social media, knowledge sharing, and video are changing the world around us faster than ever before, and Peach is energized by the fact that we are empowering the story tellers and educators of the world.”

Peach New Media partners with approximately 250 professional associations that distribute primarily continuing education content. However, Cook mentions that “now with live streaming to mobile devices, we expect our clients to leverage the platform with even more types of content, such as press conferences, calls to action, sales announcements, and even video advertising.”

For on-demand content, the company also provides the Freestone Lite™ interface, which allows anyone to publish video, audio, or written content to the platform.  The mobile distribution feature combined with the self-publishing capability puts mobile learning in the hands of any size organization, with any size budget.

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Peach New Media, Inc. (PNM) is a leader in online knowledge sharing for associations. The “Peaches” at PNM believe that telling stories, providing access to experts and mentors within an industry is a key calling for associations.  Serving associations and continuing education providers since 2001, Peach has worked with over 250 professional associations to provide on-going support, professional services, and technology to enable these associations to reach “more people with more content.” For more information, visit


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Natalie Mullen, Director of Marketing
Peach New Media

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