The two words of this title are enough to scare many computer users worldwide. But, with Apple products taking a larger chunk of the market, we need to keep developing ways that more users can access content.

So I sit here writing this post on a Mac. Does that give me the “right” to be fussy when some programs don’t work? Not really. But, I’m not your customer.

Your customers, however, use lots of devices. It really doesn’t matter to you how they connect, as long as they keep coming back for more information, right? Wrong.

Your customers need to be able to watch their programs from anywhere Internet is available. That means from their iPhone, iPad or yes, even their Mac.

You now need a solution. Some companies don’t offer to produce your events so any users can jump on from an iPad, iPhone or Mac. We do. Freestone™ webinars are designed to be accessible. That means your customers aren’t downloading anything. They just need an Internet connection and some sort of web browser.

Here is a tiny look at why I, as a functioning Apple-holic, prefer the Freestone™ platform:

  1. I don’t need to download Java
  2. I won’t see warnings about running programs
  3. I can watch the program on my phone if my home Internet dies during the event
  4. I can fully use my iPad, so while I’m sitting in the airport I can still learn
  5. I don’t have to go in search of an alternative to Internet Explorer because I can run the program through any browser
  6. I can listen to the program through my computer speakers and feel just like the rest of the PC users on the planet

So six points isn’t tiny, but it’s enough to show you that as an Apple product user, I do see a lot of benefits to the Freestone™ webinar platform.

Speak with your Account Director about making the move to Freestone™ webinars. It’s a step in the right direction for ultimate market reach.